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2 Hillclimb Road,
Westmead, 3608
South Africa
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The MELKi group started out as a Plant Hire company in 1980. Its key focus then was to provide a service to the civil construction industry. Significant growth into the early nineties resulted in the group’s expansion into construction, property development and more recently group diversification.

We are a company committed to development and acquisition of wealth through innovative development processes. Our focus and dedication is aimed at one clear objective – to provide exceptional developments, advice and services. We will strive to fulfill our clients’ needs, supersede their expectations and uphold a healthy and sound financial structure through all the processes in the development cycle.

Driven by efficiency and fresh thinking we ensure that the management and avoidance of risk is prioritised at concept stage.

Whilst belonging to the sector of previously marginalised companies, MELKi not only pioneers development opportunities, but also believes that the black private sector must also adopt a policy of empowering its own people. The responsibility of empowerment should not only rest with the state. To this extent we actively seek previously disadvantaged persons with skills within smaller trades, who are able to execute the function, but lack the capacity in terms of material procurement and project management.


MELKi has many unique competencies. These arise from its experience and ability. Having served its apprenticeship from a zero base it now sees the growth catalysing into an entity where it has the capital, technical expertise and entrepreneurial competence to grow significantly into Africa and aspire to thrive on global challenges.

The MELKi Group of companies is owned solely by disadvantaged individuals who are committed to achieving representative, non-racial, non sexist participation at all levels within the group. The MELKi Group is committed to achieving meaningful black economic empowerment, and makes extensive use of previously disadvantaged professionals, contractors and sub-contractors.